Wireless Catch Monitoring Systems


The PXMk2 sensor family provides more measurements and beneficial calculations for vessels needing Height from Doors to the bottom, Sweep angles for trawl, Water Flow in and around areas of trawl, Catch monitoring in the COD end etc.


Sweep angle

We have two types of geometry measurement: Geometry differential and Geometry, Geometry. To be able to calculate the sweep angle you must use the Geometry, Geometry.

The PX TrawlEye only has Geometry differential and can therefore not be used for sweep angle calculation.

The sweep angle calculation is based on geometry measurement, door spread measurement and knowledge about geometry sensor “displacement” in meters from “sweep crossing” point. 

  • The sweep angle has a great effect on a trawls catching potential.
  • A slight alteration in sweep angle can have a big influence on the sweeps herding ability.
  • A change of towing speed can also alter the herding characteristics of the sweeps even if the angle remains the same.


PX Flow sensor

This new sensor measures water speed in trawl opening or inside the trawl. Unlike other speed sensors, this utilizes the Doppler principle to measure the speed. This enables you to measure the speed of water at a distance from the net and this is important if you want to measure inside a trawl where you have a boundary layer with much less water speed than in the centre of the tunnel.

Up to 8 measurements from the sensor:

• Water speed (Doppler)

• Geometry differential

• Geometry, Geometry

• Height

• Roll

• Pitch

• Battery status

• Depth/Temperature* (require Depth/Temp lid)


Catch Monitoring sensor for COD end

The latest version of Trawl eye now provides very accurate fish detection when used as a catch monitor in the COD end. Very good results have been achieved on the PSH trawl COD ends, and 

traditional mesh COD ends. This provides a real time indicator of COD end filling rate, particularly effective with PSH trawls where traditional catch sensors cannot be used.





PX deployment packs to house TrawlEye net and catch monitor

PX deployment packs to house TrawlEye net and catch monitor



Portable hydrophone on paravane for better uplink communication in bad weather