JRC JMR-5400 Series

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The JMR-5400 series is equipped with a top-of-the-line processor,remarkably improving target detection and drawing performance a like.Additionally, avariety of radars are available, including the newest radar antennas scanner unit, bird detection antennas, and solid state radar antennas.

1. Clearly displays even small marine objects.

Stable long-range sensitivity and unbeatable short-range search capabilities provide indispensable support during navigation.

Suppresses interference from sea clutter and rain/snow clutter.

Eliminates clutter, improving detection of target objects.

Image:Improved visualization of nearby objects


2. Improved visualization of nearby objects.

Clearly displays the shape of small marine objects and other ships.

3. Radar trail display shows you the status of fishing grounds.

Independent radar course display functionality has resulted in dramatically improved visualization of ship courses and trails. Changes in fishing grounds are easier to check than ever before, greatly aiding decision-making.

4. Object courses highlighted with rainbow trails.

Display radar trails from the past 24 hours in custom colors, enabling easy visualization of ship courses over time. Checking current headings for other ships/fishing grounds and managing the situation near your own ship is now possible.

Image:Rainbow Trail illust

Image:Rainbow Trail


5. Display only the courses you want.

Radar trails can be hidden, allowing you to focus on important targets and object courses, and preventing accidental overwrites. Requires linking to TT and AIS functionality.

Image:Display only the courses you want illust

Image:Display only the courses you want


6. Support for the newest charts.

Displays “C-MAP MAX Espan class="badassCount">*2charts.

  1. :C-MAP MAX charts require a C-MAP card for each region you wish to display, available separately.

Offers superior ease-of-use and navigation for fishing.

7. TT/AIS display functionality.

Equipped with TT functionality by default, allowing users to mark other ships and points of interest with TT symbols and check the course of nearby objects at a glance. The same highlighting functionality is also available for AIS symbols.

  1. :TT functionality requires entering ship heading information. AIS display functionality requires entering ship position, ship heading, and AIS information.

8. New Standard Keyboard

Connectors include USB memory and SD card slots, making saving and loading data and reading chart data easier than ever before.

9. Bird Detection Radar

The 70kw high-powered radar scanner is capable of finding seabirds gathering around schools of fish from far away.

Image:Bird Detection Radar

70kW S-band scanner NKE-3710-8B

10. New Radar Antenna

A newly tuned system cuts search times to roughly 1/4th of what they were previously. Additionally, thinning of the antenna height means improved drive device reliability.

Image:New Radar Antenna


25kW X-band NKE-2255

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