Simrad ES80 Echo Sounder


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The latest innovations in computer and signal processing technology are used to create a sophisticated, but also intuitive, echo sounder. It can operate with operational frequencies ranging from 10 to 500 kHz. With a suitable transducer, the ES80 can use frequency sweeps ("chirps") across a range of frequencies.


Software changes in version 1.3.1

This software update solves a number of software bugs that have been reported by our users, or detected during our own product testing. New functionality is also introduced.

The following specific changes have been made.

• The bottom hardness function is now available for users with the General Purpose Transceiver

• The factory default settings have been updated. Manual settings for size distribution is now default.

• The ES80 now supports the latest transducers.

• The recording format for CW pulses have been changed to power/angle for users with the Wide Band Transceiver (WBT). These are the same settings as for the ES70 with GPT, and reduces the amount of data. Please note that old user settings must be updated or deleted.

• The maximum temperature permitted from the NMEA MTW datagram has been changed to 40°C. The NMEA MTW datagram provides the current water temperature.



Do you need to upgrade?

The introduction of new functionality, the improvements to the existing functionality, and the bug fixes all add value to your installation. If you have experienced unstable operation, we strongly suggest that you update your ES80. We recommend that all other users also upgrade their systems.

Hard disk

If you wish to record large amounts of ES80 data, make sure that you have enough space on your hard disk. Unless your Processor Unit is equipped with a very large disk, we recommend that you save the data to an external storage device.

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