NEW FROM 2020!  Iridium GMDSS and LT-3100S Terminal

Iridium GMDSS

  • An alternative to Inmarsat-C
  • Operating on brand new Iridium NEXT constellation
  • Global coverage including A4 sea region (I-C doesn’t support A4)
  • Higher capability terminal built by Lars Thrane
  • Competitively priced voice services
  • Perfect GMDSS companion to primary data comms on-board



Icom IC-GM 1600

IC-GM1600 std


  • Waterproof, not just water resistant (JIS 7)
  • Rugged (Survival Craft Specifications)
  • GMDSS/IMO approved for survival craft
  • Meets MED 96/98/EC Wheel mark requirements
  • Pre-programmed GMDSS Marine channels
  • Large keypad with positive button action
  • Wide viewing angle LCD display
  • OPTIONS: Waterproof speaker Mic, non-rechargeable Lithium Battery & Belt Clip

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Two-Way Radiotelephone On-Board Communication Equipment JHS-7


jhs7 mainimage


The JHS-7 is a hand-held portable VHF radiotelephone for on-scene, life-saving two-way communication between survival craft, between survival craft and ship, and between ship and rescue boat in accordance with SOLAS convention.


Navtex Receiver for GMDSS NCR-333

ncr333 outline pht

  • 5.7 inch Wide LCD Screen
  • Automatic Tune Function by GPS
  • Full meet latest IMO
  • 3 receiving frequencies
  • Printerless type
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy operation
  • External Printer (Option)
  • Navtex data export function for Integrated Navigation System (ECDIS or etc.)



Inmarsat C: JUE-87


Image:All-in-one Internally Mounted Equipment (New)

The JUE-87 is a highly reliable mobile satellite data communication system, having the ability to handle commercial, operational and personal messages just as easily as distress and safety communications.


 406 MHz Satellie EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) JQE-103


The JQE-103 is a float-free compact type EPRIB designed to transmit the 406MHz emergency signal and the 121.5MHz homing signal in accordance with IMO/CCIR and COSPAS/SARSAT regulations. This equipment must be fitted to comply with IMO SOLAS regulations.


Radar Transponder Tron SART20


Tron SART20 is designed for use in search and rescue (SAR) operations. A radar transponder gives the location for any nearby vessel and aircraft with X-band radar. Radar transponder is designed for use in lifeboats and liferafts. Easy mounting in bulkhead bracket onboard the vessel, easy to release and activate in an emergency situation. Various installation devices available as options. MED and other approvals available. Mandatory carriage equipment for all ships of 300 gross tonnage and upwards, according to SOLAS Ⅲ/6.2.2, Ⅲ/26.2.5 and Ⅳ/7.1.3.

  • Small and compact design with non hazardous battery.
  • 5 years maintenance kit, serviceable on board.

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